Yeastar S-Series IP PBX

Yeastar IP PBX System

Yeastar IP PBX has tested a vast array of PBX and VoIP products to assure their clients have the freedom to choose different options and service providers, according to their needs. Apart from this, this brand ensures their customers get to enjoy the following:

  • IP Phone Support for other brands such as Yealink, Dlink, Fanvil, Htek,  Grandstream, Cisco, and others
  • Compatibility with Elastix Server, FreePBX, and others
  • Certified from ITSP


Yeastar not only cares about your telecommunication system but also how much energy you are consuming. Focusing on this concern, Yeastar introduced a broad range of products that are not only affordable, but they also consume less power as compared to other products.

The IP PBX from Yeastar runs on rack server along with the power it consumed. Also, it also reduced the power expenditure to make your office a bit eco-friendly. Yeastar achieves this by embedding low power consumption systems with environment protective technology. Also, the Yeastar systems are known to improve expandability and flexibility without making you break your bank.

Yeastar IP Product Range

The Yeastar S series are compact and rich in features. The Yeastar PBX range consists of a broad variety of models to fit your communication needs. These systems are capable of supporting up to 2000 users while they easy to install and manage for SMB as well as large organizations.

  • Yeastar S20

The Yeastar S20 suits the needs of small business as it supports only 20 users and ten concurrent calls. The S20 IP PBX is an affordable option that embeds with hybrid IP PBX, ISDN BRI with PSTN. It provides cost-saving communication solutions for newly established business.

  • Yeastar S50

Yeastar S50 comes with unrivaled features such as support for up to50 users and 25 concurrent calls. With the options it provides for SMB, it’s quite affordable. Stable and straightforward, this PBX system supports many telephony port combinations and helps you to migrate over to VoIP.

  • Yeastar S100

Yeastar S100 designed to suit the needs of your business. It provides you with a vast array of telephony functionalities for your small to medium business telecommunication needs. These systems support up to 200 users with 60 concurrent calls.

  • Yeastar S300

The Yeastar s300 is amount 1U model that easily supports up to 500 users. This model is compatible with ISDN BRI, GSM, UMTS, PSTN, and VoIP. The S300 IP PBX  delivers high performance with rich functionality to provide you with the utmost business communications. The S300 IP PBX is a workhouse made for companies and among the best PBX solutions in the market.

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