Fanvil H5 Hotel Phone UAE


Fanvil H5 Hotel Phone

Fanvil H5 is VoIP Hotel Phone with a 3.5-inch color screen, HD voice, and six soft programmable soft keys. The Fanvil H5 hotel phone has a full duplex, hands-free speakerphone with echo cancellation, along with many more standard phone features, such as call transfer, call holding, and call waiting. It can share the same number from PBX system to another Fanvil phone. The SIP Support makes it compatible with most of the modern day telephone systems.


Fanvil H5 Hotel Phone Dubai

The considerable advancement of VoIP technology has had a positive impact on different aspects of life and industries. The wealth of features and expanded functionality is what has seen Fanvil Phones find their way in the hotel industry. Enhanced communication for the hospitality industry is on demand. Maintaining effective communication with hotel administrators as well as hotel guests is vital just like it is for the large or small businesses out there. Convenience is one of the factors that will have guests check in your hotel, and effective communication is one convenient factor.

With the Fanvil H5 Hotel IP Phone, you can be able to perform many tasks with just one device. Imagine the number of internal numbers and messages sent through the hotel staff. From the bell boys, room maids, bar staff, administration, waiters, etc. in this case, Fanvil Hotel Phones bring out significant benefits to the hotel industry. The unified hotel telephone system makes it possible to perform different functions using the Fanvil H5 Hotel IP Phones. Room maids can register the state of the rooms (ready, filled, bar filled, etc.) and also record check-in and check-out or “do not disturb” status. This makes the work easier for the staff and also convenient for the administration to know the status of their hotel.

Nothing bothers a guest like visiting a huge hotel and can’t figure out where the facilities are located or any other information. With Fanvil hotel phones, the guest can call the customer service desk and ask to be directed to the facility they want. This applies to basically any information a guest might wish to know regarding the hotel. The guest doesn’t have to wait for room service or look for the staff physically to get the information they want.

Fanvil H5 Dubai AbuDhabi UAE - Fanvil H5 Hotel Phone UAE

Fanvil H5 Specification

  • 5-inch color screen
  • VxWorks OS
  • HD voice and handset
  • 6 programmable soft keys
  • Multi-languages displayed (web)
  • Supports SIP UDP /TCP/TLS
  • SIP support 1 SIP servers and backup SIP proxy servers
  • Support correlative RFCs and SIP2.0

Call features

  • Call waiting
  • Call completion
  • Auto answer
  • Predial
  • Call holding
  • Call transfer (attended/semi-attended/unattended)
  • Do not disturb
  • Password dial
  • CLIR rejects anonymous calls
  • CLIP makes anonymous calls
  • Call logs with missed/incoming/outgoing calls each supporting 300 entries
  • Dial without registration